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Custom Electrodes

Schlatter Mesh Welder Electrodes

We supply 36” long bars of Class 3 copper alloy material machined with a special profile used on many Schlatter wire mesh welders. Review our material sketch in the resource section. We stock the profile material shown, or you can make dimensional changes to match your application.

Contact us with your specific requirements, sketches, photos, etc. and our experienced team will begin work immediately to meet your needs! 

schlatter bar

Car-O-Liner® Resistance Spot Weld Electrodes

We supply a variety of replacement electrodes for the Car-O-Liner® spot welding system and guarantee that our stock will meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. Our stock of standard profiles and electrode lengths are designed specifically for Car-O-Liner® spot welding guns and are ready to ship out as soon as today. 

Can you guarantee that you are producing strong, quality spot welds with your ProSpot® or Car-O-Liner® spot welder? Working with worn copper tips or electrodes will produce weld nuggets that exceed their intended optimal size. Increasing the amperage required to perform the weld may not produce a satisfactory quality weld. All spot welding manufacturers recommend dressing or changing caps frequently in order to improve overall weld quality and lengthen the life of your ProSpot® or Car-O-Liner® welding caps. Strengthen and improve your bottom line by ensuring higher levels of productivity and quality control by giving our team a call today. 

We also stock a wide variety of weld caps and shanks. If what you require is not immediately available, we will work with you, at no additional cost, to customize and produce the length and weld face you need. Our goal is to save you time and money while guaranteeing a quality electrode. When requesting a quote, be sure to include material class, overall length, diameter, quantities required and confirm electrode taper (4RW or 5RW). 

Car-O-Liner® Resistance Spot Weld Electrodes - Production Engineering
Car-O-Liner® Resistance Weld Caps - Production Engineering


We supply a variety of replacement electrodes for the PRO SPOT® welding system. Our stock of class 2 electrodes meets or exceeds manufacturer’s specifications. We maintain a stock of multiple weld cap profiles and shank lengths designed specifically to fit PRO SPOT® welding guns. PRO SPOT® recommends the male shank and female weld cap configuration.

We have the i5 weld caps with different nose configurations. The PS-024, PS-025, PS-027 and PS-030 weld caps are in stock at competitive prices.

Custom Electrodes Pro Spot® Weld Tips - Production Engineering
PRO SPOT® Shanks - Production Engineering

The 5RW male and female shanks are available in 20mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm. The bent electrodes are available (some reverse engineering may be required based on the part needed). When requesting a quote, include the overall length, diameter, and confirm shank / cap taper (4RW or 5 RW) and nose shape.

Custom Electrodes

Our staff of design engineers are ready to assist in all aspects of designing and producing custom electrodes or custom tooling. We can help with everything from proper material selection to making recommendations for design concepts. Our designers will provide innovative alternatives which will enhance your original design, reduce your set up time, improve change over time, and improve your overall production and profitability.

Whether you want to start from scratch, reverse engineer an electrode that is “too expensive”, or simply make design improvements to a proven concept, we can help.

With all custom electrodes we provide CAD sketches leading up to a final 3D design concept awaiting your approval. Delivery is usually 4-7 weeks, as all design work is done in-house. All raw materials are in stock. All machining, brazing, deburring, cleaning, QC, packing, etc. are done in-house.

Contact us with your specific requirements, sketches, photos, etc. and our experienced team will begin work immediately to meet and exceed your needs!

Custom Electrodes
Custom Electrodes



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