Anviloy® 1150

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The high thermal conductivity and low coefficient of expansion of Anviloy®1150 combine to create a unique material which resists thermal fatigue in most applications. Its high melting point gives it low solubility in the molten metal being cast, thereby reducing or eliminating soldering and erosion. The addition of alloying elements by powder metallurgy techniques increases ductility and makes the material easily machined by conventional techniques. This thinking resulted in the development of Anviloy® 1150

Anviloy® 1150 is a machinable tungsten-based material, exclusively manufactured by IBG Group of Companies. It is produced using the same proprietary ‘recipe’ that was developed 60 years ago. It was developed primarily for die-casting, aluminum permanent molding, and for difficult extrusion dies. To produce Anviloy® 1150 material, a special high temperature powder metallurgy process is used. This results in material with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, good thermal conductivity, and good material properties at elevated temperatures that combine for superior performance in a variety of applications. This unusual combination of properties results in a material with less thermal fatigue in the casting die or extrusion die. 

MaterialCompositionDensity gr/ccDensity lb/in3Rockwell HardnessThermal ConductivityElectrical ConductivityUltimate Tensile StrengthYield Strength
Note: “typical” values listed – Not Material Specifications
ANVILOY® 1150 90W, Ni, Mo, Fe 17.25 0.623 34 C 74 Btu / hr.ft.F 13% IACS 138,000 psi 94,000 psi
Tool Steel
Fe, Cr, Mo, V, Si 7.76 0.28 45 C 20 Btu / hr.ft.F --- 233,000 psi 192,000 psi
HD 17 90W 6Ni 4Cu 17 0.614 24 C 85 Btu / hr.ft.F 14% IACS 110,000 psi 90,000 psi
HD 17D 90W 7Ni 3Fe 17 0.614 25 C 76 Btu / hr.ft.F 10% IACS 125,000 psi 88,000 psi
HD 17.7 93W Ni Fe Mo 17.7 0.639 30 C 72 Btu / hr.ft.F 14% IACS 130,000 psi 90,000 psi

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Characteristics of Anviloy® 1150

High resistance against dilution; High hardness at high temperature; High strength at high temperature; Good thermal conductivity; Good tempering resistance; Easy to machine. Through its unique high temperature properties, Anviloy® 1150 has become a logical choice for extrusion die inserts and core rods. 

Benefits of Anviloy® 1150

Reduced corrosion and erosion of material; Increased form stability; Improved stability of dimensions; Quick removal of heart; Minimal heat checks; Reduced soldering; Can be pressed into various near-net shapes to reduce tooling cost raw material.

Typical applications include: 

  • Die Cast tooling
  • Extrusion Dies
  • Hot Runner Nozzles
  • Plastic Injection molds
  • Boring Bar vibration & chatter reduction
  • Tooling with high elongation issues
  • Improves tooling thermal conductivity
  • Shop Sleeve material

Material features: 

  • Resistance to soldering (less sticking)
  • Reduced thermal fatigue (heat checking)
  • Low erosion rates
  • Readily machinable
  • No heat treatment required
  • Easily welded with Anviloy® weld rod
  • Less material porosity in heavy sections
  • High temperature strength

Through these features, the die caster or extruder can expect: 

  • Longer die life and core pin life
  • Less production down time
  • Improved product surface finish
  • Fewer rejects
  • Lower cost per piece
  • Better surface finish on products
  • Greater equipment utilization (less down time)
  • Faster cycle times

In both extrusion and die casting, the die is the most expensive replacement item. Its life depends upon erosion by the metal being processed through the die. Hot work tool steels do a good job in many applications but their life decreases rapidly in brass & aluminum die castings and extrusion applications. Anviloy® 1150 was developed for these higher temperature applications. Erosion, thermal fatigue and soldering are all significantly improved by using Anviloy® 1150 tooling. In addition, maintenance costs and down time are dramatically improved. 

Anviloy® 1150 is stocked in sizes of ½” – 4” diameter x 12” long. Do you have a complex shape or design? If so, near net sizes and shapes can be designed eliminating unnecessary material and therein reducing overall cost. Custom sizes and shapes are readily available (4-8 weeks). 

Anviloy® Weld Rod, a tungsten based TIG welding filler metal, is used to repair hot work tool steel.

Other Anviloy® tungsten material is available as rod or wire. It is stocked in the following sizes: 

Diameters - 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”

Lengths – 7”, 12”, and 18”

The Weld Rod is ordered in increments of 10 pieces.

All weld ros is in stock for same day shipment.


Custom Anviloy 1150 sizes are available.