CMW Catalog

PRODUCTION ENGINEERING, is an Authorized Master Distributor for CMW, Inc., and has continuously served the resistance welding industry for over 60 years. Today CMW Resistance Welding Products is a division of Tuffaloy Products Inc., an industry leader in the development, engineering and manufacturing of a diversity of resistance welding products. At Production Engineering, we offer the entire line of CMW resistance welding products which are engineered to provide the most effective materials commerically available. Let our experienced team of engineers assist you in the design and production of standard or customized resistance weld components that will maximize efficiency and improve your current welding applications.

In the online catalog that follows, we have listed the technical specifications for most of the standard CMW products. However, even a catalog as extensive as this does not fully cover the vast array of resistance welding supplies we currently stock, or are capable of supplying.

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If you have time and prefer to speak with someone, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We can send you a complete listing of Resistance Welding Supplies suited to your needs. 

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Cap Electrodes GCAPS and Shanks

Straight and Bent Electrodes

Irregular Electrodes

Stud and Nut Electrodes

Back-Up Electrodes

Threaded Electrodes

Electrode Adapters

Electrode Holders