Anviloy® Weld Rod

Anviloy® Weld Rod is a tungsten-based TIG welding filler material for enhancing and repairing both tool steel and tungsten dies and inserts. Anviloy® Weld Rod can be used to build up worn areas of the die and applied to virgin dies to extend tool life. Resurfacing the die will increase resistance to thermal fatigue and heat checking as well as enhance its resistance to die solder. 

Anviloy® Weld Rod is available from stock in packages of 10 pieces in the following sizes: 
Diameters - 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8” 
Lengths – 7”, 12”, and 18” 

Typical guidelines:

  • Machine the work-piece to approx .250” below working surface.
  • Avoid sharp corners. Use radii and fillets
  • Clean the application surface thoroughly
  • Use a suitable welder (HF ignition) adjusted to suitable amperage
  • Assure proper shielding gas protection (pre-purge torch and weld area, post-purge weldment until cooled down below 750 °F)
  • For best results the use of a gas lens is recommended 
  • Heat pretreatment depending on material and application 
  • Never heat with acetylene torch or equipment 
  • Keep weld build-up thickness to ½” or less 
  • Weld should have smooth, even edges without porosity 
  • If contamination or porosity occurs, remove to sound metal and assure that the electrode and weld rod are free of contamination before proceeding with the repair 
  • Stop the weld as soon as oxides form on the weld 
  • Avoid strong mixing of the base material with Anviloy®