Solution i

The SOLUTION i is a full featured highly accurate resistance welding control that is very easy to use. In fact you can set up and use this control without looking at a direction book!

It is that intuitive!

Here’s how it works:

It asks questions and you answer by pushing the YES
or NO button.

  • It asks you to enter numbers and then tells you what to
    do next.
  • You tell it the type of metal you are welding and the thinnest sheet being joined. It will set up an RWMA welding schedule ready to use.
  • It has a MASTER SETUP button. When pushed it walks you through all user-settings with clear English instructions. This is very useful when first installing a control.
  • It tells you the required air pressure regulator setting for the part you are welding.
  • It tells you the recommended welder transformer tap switch position for each part.*
  • It waits until the proper ELECTRODE FORCE has been reached before starting each weld and eliminates the need for SQUEEZE TIME.*
  • It checks ELECTRODE FORCE again at the end of the weld to be sure that you have not made a brittle weld by having ELECTRODE FORCE that is too high.*
  • It keeps the electrodes closed when any weld fault is detected and tells you how to reset it.
  • It tells you when to dress electrodes.
  • And it does all of the above in clear English,
    without any codes.

Unitrol Solution i Flow Chart - Production Engineering

Unitrol Solution i message prompts for how a user can enter information - Production Engineering