Miyachi MM-380

Advanced Hand-Held Weld Checker

The hand-held MM-380 resistance welding weld checkers has been created to provide reliable, precise, and complete data for the resistance welding process. This unique weld analyzer utilizes a weld sensor to measure current, voltage and force all at the same time between the electrodes. 

The large 5” color screen displays precise graphical details of the waveform time and amplitude. It will also provide this information as a numeric peak and average values.

The Menu navigation is easy to navigate and the measurement setup and waveform analysis is straightforward using a rotary encoder.

You can even output your Waveforms and other data to a optional in printer or via COM port for screen capture and collect data. 

Key Features:

  • Measures current, voltage, time and force
  • Weld thru sensor
  • Easy screen menu navigation
  • Intuitive waveform and data analysis
  • External printer and RS232 output