Benchtop Welder

Benchtop Weld Station

Our modular benchtop welder has a robust design for use with automation or as a standalone benchtop welder. The model MH-1501-A Weld Head offers fast, repeatable electrode control for a wide range of resistance welding applications. This benchtop welder has many standard features and options as outlined below.

Standard Features:

  • Robust “C” frame construction 13” W x 16” L x 33” Tall – Weighing about 225 lbs.
  • Bearing ways transport the upper electrode
  • Copper buss bar and air cooled cables for secondary circuit
  • Electrode holders (Tuffaloy or CMW)
  • Valve voltage 24V or 120V
  • Single stage foot switch for actuation
  • 650 lb. force air cylinder with 1” stroke
  • Control and transformer are options shown below

Customer Specified Options:

  • Supports transformers from 5-85 KVA and most input current (208 / 240 / 380 / 480 / etc.)
  • AC or MFDC Current
  • Control options include Entron, WTC, Miyachi, Unitrol, etc.
  • Platens with Tee slots
  • Various cylinder options including - air, electric servo, servo pneumatic, air over oil
  • Cylinder pressure up to 1000 lbs.
  • Frame can be modified to support a 3” stroke
  • Pressure switch (mechanical or digital)
  • Various machine sequence initiation – two stage foot switch, dual palm buttons, PLC, etc.
  • Pedestal mount

MH-1501-A Benchtop Welder - Production Engineering

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