Entron EN6001

The ENTRON control EN6001 is the direct replacement control for the EN1000 and EN1001. Loaded with NEW features that helps manufactures improve weld quality, minimize scrap, avoid operator errors and reduce training time.

ENTRON EN6001 Cabinet Types

EN6001 Control and Cabinet

The popular EN1000 series known for rock solid reliability and ease of use. Entron presents the EN6001 weld control. The 21'st century successor to the EN1000 and EN10001. Reengineered with digital welding technology. Comparatively the EN6001 control has more standard features, more dedicated inputs and out-puts and a full LCD interface. The EN6001 is highly versatile with it's range of cabinet options and offering sizes and configurations designed to fit into any installation.

product image en6001retrofit 1

EN6001 Retrofit Kit

Convert your legacy EN1000 and EN1001 ENTRON CONTROLS to the 21st century. With our EN6001 upgrade kit, it is fast and easy to retrofit your existing legacy ENTRON CONTROLS.