Weld Checkers

Every company should have these two important tools:
  1. The first required tool is a weld force gauges (visit our page on Weld Force Gauges).
  2. The second required tool is a weld checker (see links below).
The weld checker can be used as a set up tool, or as a diagnostic tool to measure weld cycles and secondary weld current. It can also be used as an in-process tool. On select models, by setting high and low limits for weld time and secondary current, the unit can generate a reject signal if those weld parametes go outside preset min. / max settings.
Entron WA2 Weld Analyzer - Production Engineering
Entron Model WA2 Weld Analyzer The Weld Analyzer offers the engineering professional the facilities to analyze, fault-find and improve process quality on today's sophisticated welding control systems...
Miyachi MM-380
Miyachi MM-380 Advanced Hand-Held Weld Checker The hand-held MM-380 resistance welding weld checkers has been created to provide reliable, precise, and complete...