Water Cooled Cables

Water Cooled Jumpers (WCJ) are equipped with full length filter tubes, to insure the free flow of water throughout the entire cable. Acute bending or kinking will not reduce water flow. To order cables you need to determine: 

  • Type of end 
  • Cable MCM 
  • Cable Length 

A chart for sizing the correct gauge cable is towards the bottom of the page, as well as guidelines for installation. 

Water Cooled Jumper End Styles:

Water Cooled Jumper End Styles - Production Engineering

HTRF Cover Hose

MCM SizeOuter DiameterTerminal Diameter
300 2" 1-7/16"
400-450 2-1/4" 1-11/16"
500 2-7/16" 1-7/8"
650 2-9/16" 1-7/8"

The HTRF Cover hose was developed to combat the primary cause of water-cooled cable failure: wear through of the outer cover. Often a hose wears through due to abrasion on the welding equipment or production components. 

The super high abrasion compound found in our cable sleeves can outlast other materials 40 to 1 against failure due to abrasion. This compound is integrated into the HTRF cover hose, which is available for all kickless cables and also for water cooled jumpers up to 600 MCM in size. 

Also available is a high abrasion thin wall sleeve, which can be mounted over the standard kickless cable hose. 

DC Cable / 500 and 650 MCM

DC Cable - Production Engineering

Opposed polarity cables for high amperage, direct current applications.

These heavily reinforced, two conductor water cooled cables are primarily used on heavy duty spot welding stations for joining aluminum panels. This cable is designed to operate at welding currents typically in the range of 45,000 to 55,000 amps D.C.

Several design features maximize cable life and are exclusive to these watteredge cables:

Stranding is press welded to the terminal to provide the lowest possible electrical resistance properties and a virtually indestructible bond. (Patent # 4,640,982) Opposed polarity for optimum efficiency.

High strength, high temperature teflon reinforced retaining rings throughout the entire cable length. High pressure, impact resistant cover hose.

How to Install Water Cooled Cables

Water Cooled Cable - Production Engineering

Good Working shapes for Water Cooled Cables

Water cooled jumpers should always be installed with a bend radii ranging from 90° to 180°. See the chart below for the minimum recommended radii.

It should be noted that jumper life is inversely related to the operating temperature of the cable; the higher the temperature the shorter the life. The recommended operating temperature is 131°F (55°C) or less, and the maximum operating temperatures should not exceed 158°F (70°C). Making sure there is enough water flow is critical for insuring a low operating temperature.

Recommended Minimum Bend Radii:
350 MCM - 400 MCM 2"
500 MCM - 600 MCM 3"
750 MCM - 1000 MCM 4"

Minimum Distance from the end of the hose to the point where the bend radii should start is:
350 MCM - 400 MCM 2.5"
500 MCM - 600 MCM 3"
750 MCM - 1000 MCM 3.5"

Water Cooled Jumper Sizing

Use the following method to determine what size cable should be used for your application. First you use the Conversion Factor chart to determine your "Continuous Duty Current"; then you read the correct size cable off the second chart. An example is worked out below.

Step 1

Lay one side of a straight edge across the graph at the six cycles of current "one time" point (the left hand vertical scale of the conversion factor chart).

Step 2

Pivot the other end of the straight edge across to line up with the "60 welds per minute" on the far right vertical scale.

Step 3

At the intersection of your straight edge with the diagonal conversion factor scale line, you should be able to read a conversion factor of .32 off the lower 1/2 of the line.

Step 4

Multiply the required current (60,000 amps) by the conversion factor (.32) to get the "continuous duty current" of 19,200 amps.

Conversion Factor & Duty Cycle Chart

Water Conversion and Duty Cycle Chart - Production Engineering

Step 5

Line up your straight edge on the 19,200 continuous duty amp mark, and find the intersection with your desired length line (from below, we want 60 inches).

Step 6

Any cable whose line is above this point may be safely used, since the load it would carry will be within its thermal capacity. In our case the 1000 MCM cable would be the best match, and will not exceed the design specifications of the jumper cable.

Water Cooled Jumper Selection Chart

Water Cooled Jumper Selection Chart - Production Engineering

Other Specifications

MCMD.C. Resistance
(ohms per foot at 70 C)
350 .0000376
400 .0000322
500 .0000263
600 .0000217
750 .0000172
1000 .0000130
1200 .0000110
1500 .0000088
2000 .0000066
Recommended Minimum Gallons Per Minute
WJ (single conductor). . . .2 GPM
UT (dual conductor) . . . . .2-1/2 GPM