Ceramic Locating Pins

Locating pins for Nut welding are produced with several different materials and several different coatings. Generally speaking, the more costly the pin, the “longer life” it has in production. As a long time distributor of resistance welding supplies, we stock commonly used pins at competitive prices.

Below is an introduction to the basic pin materials. Pins are available in standard shapes and can be made in custom shapes upon request. After reviewing the different pin materials & coatings, give us call and we can help determine which material is best for your application.

International Syalons Syalon 101 Weld Pin - Production Engineering
Ceramic Locating Pins Our pins are available in two different ceramic material ‘families’ - Zircalon and Syalon. Each material has benefits, depending on your application. Learn more about Sialon Ceramics.
International Syalons IBC Weld Pin - Production Engineering
Tool Steel Locating Pins with DLC Coating This is one of the newest pins available. The process is patent pending and the pin produced has up to 14 times the life of standard pins. Learn more.
International Syalons ACT Weld Pin - Production Engineering
ACT Tool Steel Locating Pins This is the best pin for many applications. It has a successful history with good production life. Learn more.

Pins made of KCF material have long set a standard for wear resistance. Newer material has generally surpassed this trusted old material. We can provide KCF pins to customer prints, upon request.