Used Welding Transformers and Power Supplies

Fixture-Type Transformers, Transgun Transformers, Portable Gun Transformers, Machine-Type Transformers. MFDC, AC and DC/Low Frequency.

Transformers and power supplies can be integrated with any brand of controls, weld-guns or robotic systems.
Looking to spend less and still receive a high quality welding transformer?

Weld Systems Integrators maintains an IN-STOCK inventory of USED resistance welding transformers and power supplies at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location. Check back often for updated inventory or give us a call at 844-WSI-WELD and a WSI team member will be happy to help find what you need.

Used Weld Systems Integrators capacitive discharge lab welder FOR SALE from Weld Systems Integrators. 2 – 3 week availability. The WSI CD Welder, model WCD-9KJ-12-CD features include – 440 VAC, single-phase, 9 KJ, 8″ diameter weld cylinder, 4″ stroke and come with Miyachi P-9000 controls.

Fixture-Type Transformers
Fixture Type water-cooled transformers are ideal for multi-spot welding fixtures.

Transgun Transformers
Transgun water-cooled transformers are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for robotic and fixture spot welding.

Portable Gun Transformers
Portable Gun water-cooled transformers are ideal for portable welding, remote robot, or manual welding guns.

Machine-Type Transformers
Machine water-cooled transformers are ideal for press, seam, rocker arm, cross wire and other welding applications.

Inverter Power Supply/MFDC/HFDC Welding Transformer
Lightweight water-cooled inverter power supplies are ideal for robotic welding applications.  Secondary current exceeds 500K amps, which can aid in the production of large projection welds

Current Welding Transformer and Power Supply Inventory [ UPDATED – FEB 2020 ]


Stock #:
Fixture Type Transformer, 60 kVA