Datapak 700

Machine-mounted Weld Monitor

The Datapak 700 can be used as a general-purpose weld meter or as a machine process monitor. It can supplement legacy installations or replace existing meters by measuring current, time and force and having the capability to interface with individual welding stations.


  • Multipoint calibration for accuracy
  • Measures AC, DC, and MFDC
  • Measures Capacitor Discharge currents, time and force
  • Teach facility allows for easy set-up


  • Toroid Attenuator
  • Flexible Toroids – 3”, 6”, and 12”
  • Primary CT


  • Counts up to 9999 welds or components
  • RS232 communications for printing and PC download
  • Analog output of current level
  • 64 selectable monitoring programs
  • Vacuum-fluorescent display and illuminated buttons
  • Built-in Counter checks for correct number of spots on a component