Incorrect Cylinder


The weld cylinder will not provide the proper range of electrode force or motion.


The weld cylinder serves two primary functions: 

  1. The cylinder stroke separates the electrodes to allow part access 
  2. The cylinder closes the electrodes on the workpiece to provide the required welding force 

The following is a basic list of cylinder characteristics which must be considered for proper equipment function: bore, stroke, single or dual action, type (air, hydraulic, or hybrid), seal type, shaft length, overall length, mounting details, cushions, etc.


Detectable evidence may include: 


Quality, Workplace Issues, Cost, Downtime, Maintenance, Throughput (cycle time; PPH), are all potentially affected by this condition.

Subordinate Causes

  • Correct cylinder unavailable 
  • Improper maintenance 
  • Incorrect nameplate 
  • Incorrect rework 


Similar considerations may be applied to servo motor systems.